In 2017 I started creating MEETINGS AT HOME about the IMPORTANCE OF CONSCIOUS EATING When we create a plan, where we have a defined goal with people who have suffered similar damage, it increases motivation, responsibility and action in each individual..

That is how the most successful people earn the most incredible results. They plug into a system they fully trust and make it a ritual. 

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I'm a Mom. Author. Coach and...
I was just like you, ALSO searching for Magic Solutions 

Glow Within You is about creating & staying true to your essence. We aid women in a creative entrepreneurship process specifically in emotional aspects. We view growth as an opportunity to create new ideas and break free from of traditional schemes in all realms of life. We devised a revolutionary concept with which women identify: Promoting self esteem and self worth while providing image consultations. We promote women feeling beautiful while providing individualized custom services. Our goal is for women to live their best life, take care of their mind body and spirit, look great but above all value their inner beauty and individuality.

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Nothing changed until I decided to create a ritual with intention 

Stop Overthinking Start Creating

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.


Very grateful to Darianna for this guidance... 

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Darianna Andujar

Darianna Andujar’s faith grew as she became self-aware of the inner things that were holding her back from living the life she desired. She allowed her emotions to consume her to the point where she felt her dreams were vanishing. She used this specific time in her life to discover that the only way to GLOW is by being in the dark and allowing that light to spread revival to others.

Darianna uses the term GLOW to represent how we can overcome any obstacle in life, no matter who is around or where we are. Her philosophy is simple; no matter how dark it is, you will always be GLOWING if you remain connected to the real source.

With a burning desire to speak about what God has done in her life, Darianna began with small gatherings in Hackensack, NJ where she shared with women what she learned through her healing process, which included how to manage her emotions, thoughts, eating, and being the mom she was called and chosen to be. Her mission is not only to empower women but also to awaken an inner desire to want more out of life.

Darianna took a step of faith in 2017 by hosting her first Women’s Empowerment event where she promoted physical and emotional wellness. In January 2018 she launched her online boutique: and through this vehicle, she desires to bring women together and share the experience of being “Fearfully and Wonderfully made” by allowing it to open the doors to freedom in every area of their life.

Darianna was born in the Dominican Republic and brought to the U.S at the age of nine by her mother and raised in New York. Darianna presently resides in North Carolina with her nine-year-old daughter.

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